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Author, Inspirational Speaker, Entrepreneur

“Sharing the story of my life to inspire others to fully live theirs.” – Teresa

“If you repeatedly pull back from new opportunities or find yourself whispering, ‘I can’t believe I did that
again’… this book is for you!” – Teresa

A stirring account of a hard life and hard work… Nickell speaks of God often, but she also discusses the psychological work that she put in to improve and forgive herself, making this a useful book for both religious and secular readers.” – Kirkus Reviews, first edition

“You find yourself rooting for her the whole way. All the while, she’s rooting for you too.” – Melinda, Amazon Reviews

The Girl in Your Wallet is a brave and honest memoir. It is the story of a damaged young woman living a seemingly wasted life until she encounters God in a big way.

If anyone had a reason to fail, Teresa had it. Abuse and abandonment set her on a path to more damaging relationships and attempts to numb emotional pain at virtually any cost.

This book is a raw and candid look into the life of an addict as she chronicles the journey from utter hopelessness to the owner of a multi-million-dollar corporation a mere 11 years after her last arrest. Moreover, she candidly shares every step (and misstep) with a level of honesty seldom seen.

Teresa helps the reader learn how to identify the origins of self-sabotage in your own life and stop the images of your worst failures, most humiliating experiences, and biggest regrets playing in a loop in your mind.

The Girl in Your Wallet is the enhanced second edition of Teresa Nickell’s popular memoir. It contains workbook-style questions for the reader’s self-reflection and space for journaling.

“In the pages of this book, we have a private conversation. It’s just you and me. Grab a pen, and I will meet you there.” – Teresa

At the Heart of This Inspirational Memoir is Forgiving Your Past

“Teresa Nickell’s The Girl in Your Wallet is the second and updated edition of her powerful memoir and personal development book. Teresa has written a book of vulnerability and courage. Each chapter ends with a study guide to help readers reflect on what they have just read and how it might apply to their own lives. Readers will find much to chew on here. Far more than just telling her story, Teresa provides deep insights.

Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D. and award-winning author of Narrow Lives and The Best Place

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