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Teresa Nickell was born and raised in Spokane, WA. Following her only role models, life became driven by drugs and ultimately homelessness and incarceration. With limited options, she entered a drug and alcohol treatment center to avoid more jail time. Motivated by only desperation and fear, she set out on a new way of life.

At 29 years old, Teresa began working her first full-time job at the Coeur d’ Alene French Baking Company in Spokane, WA. At the end of a production line and making $5 per hour (minimum wage at the time), she began running the department after three months. When the owner decided to open a new facility in the Seattle area, he asked Teresa to relocate and oversee the operation.

Eleven years later, and thoroughly knowledgeable in the business, she purchased the company. As the owner, she grew the business into a multi-million-dollar corporation with a well-respected brand in Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. After a 23-year career in baking, she has now turned back to help others, striving for a better life.

Teresa resides in rural Idaho with her husband, Scott, and two little misfit dogs. She leads workshops at women’s shelters, is a keynote speaker, and is a National Speaker for Prison Fellowship Ministries.

The Girl in Your Wallet is now available in paperback and electronic forms nationwide in over 300 correctional centers.