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Sharing a Message of Hope

Most prisons in the U.S. have been locked down for 18 months or more, which means inmates have not
seen another person besides other residents or employees.

No visitors.
No volunteers.
No clergy.
No one.

State prisons that do allow some visiting permit a single, one-hour visit per month. Children are required
to be over 16 years old to visit.

I have devoted my retirement to encouraging women through mentorship, but the current COVID
restrictions keep me from sharing my message in person.

My memoir, “The Girl in Your Wallet,” is a faith-filled, true account of a former inmate who made it out of the cycles of abuse, addiction, and incarceration. This book also contains a study guide and journal that enables the reader to uncover and challenge many beliefs driving self-sabotage.

Most importantly, it provides a message of hope. I’ve created this GoFundMe campaign with the trust that there are people—like you—who understand that today’s incarcerated are tomorrow’s neighbors. Change is possible, and so is a brighter future.

Copies of my first edition are blessing men and women in 22 prisons and shelters in 9 states. Will you help keep sharing this message of hope?

Learn more about my mission here: www.TeresaNickell.com.

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