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The Girl in Your Wallet is a Memoir, Self-Reflective Study, and a Journal.

“If you repeatedly pull back from new opportunities or find yourself whispering, I can’t believe I did that again… this book is for you! It’s a safe conversation about how our inner thoughts drive behavior, for better or worse. In these pages, it is just the two of us, and it’s time.” – Teresa

The Girl in Your Wallet is the enhanced second edition of Teresa’s popular memoir with additional insights and interactive, reflective questions. It is the compelling story of how one woman overcame cycles of abuse, addiction, and incarceration to become a highly successful business owner and live a deeply fulfilling life. Teresa followed the only role models she had, which led to a life driven by drugs and ultimately homelessness and incarceration. As she shares her mindset every step of the way out of that cycle, she also offers an in-depth exploration of a mother-daughter relationship and the forgiveness of others and self, a topic that resonates universally. This book can set you on a path to explore and release whatever hurts you may be carrying. Learning the driving forces behind your actions is far more important than your specific area of self-sabotage.

Originally written as inspiration for women rising out of dire circumstances, The Girl in Your Wallet has a far-reaching impact on the internal dialogue that holds many of us back in careers, relationships, and service to others. Teresa provides a fearless and transparent view of her inner thought life and the ensuing results and helps the reader identify, consider, and refresh their own.

Welcome to Southern Idaho!

Tips for Transplants is a handy guide to help newcomers learn the lay of the land here in Southern Idaho. It is an informative guide that empowers new residents to ask the right questions—from buying goods locally, navigating the local medical systems, and understanding wildlife and water usage. It’s in there! Knowing a little more about life in Southern Idaho right away can make settling in a lot smoother.

This guidebook will take some of the guesswork out of the process to ease new resident’s transition and get pointed in the right direction. Using anecdotes and a bit of humor, resident and published author Teresa Nickell reveals insights based on personal experience when she and her husband arrived in Star, Idaho. She shares information needed for the curiosities she faced and gives quick and easy ways to get acclimated and help you find the treasure in the Treasure Valley!

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