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Author, Inspirational Speaker, Entrepreneur


Teresa is available for select speaking engagements and can be reached through the contact page.

Here’s what others are saying:

“I sourced Teresa as a guest speaker as an SBDC business advisor. Her ability to connect with multi-industry participants on many topics was engaging and offered insight into small business owners’ daily realities. After reading her amazing book, I knew her transition into teacher and coach was inevitable.”

— Kirk Davis, MBA, Executive Director, Center for Advanced Manufacturing Puget Sound, Former SBDC Advisor, Green River College

“Teresa is an amazing communicator and able to hold her audience as she delivers a compelling message. She is a woman of character and is excellent at leading group discussions, involving the audience, and facilitating conversations. I highly recommend her and am confident she will inspire every audience she speaks to.”

— Sharon Redding, Director of Women and Children, Seattle Union Gospel Mission

“At first glance, most would never know this put-together business woman had a dark past of incarceration. Not only was her story extremely relatable to the female inmates, but the women walked away with a living example that anyone can turn their life around no matter where their past has taken them. Teresa was easy to work with and flexible in her presentation. At the last minute, our presentation time got cut, which allowed only a short window for our event with no flexibility. Teresa had her message prepared down to the minute.”

— Greg Fuller, Field Director, Prison Fellowship, Washington and Alaska

“I had the pleasure and privilege of featuring Teresa Nickell as a guest speaker at Seattle Revival Center (SRC). Teresa skillfully articulated her story with poise, grace, and confidence. Her delivery and choice of words painted a vivid picture and the presentation made very clear her dedication to Women’s Prison Ministry. Her concluding request to support this cause was unquestionable.”

— Abigail O. Edwards, Founding Member, SRC Women’s Ministry