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What Readers Are Saying About Teresa Nickell and The Girl in Your Wallet

“From prison to ownership of a multi-million-dollar company, Teresa Nickell’s story is one of insights, inspiration, and hope. Her message prompts readers to break free of self-limiting beliefs and take the steps forward that lead to ultimate freedom.”

— Patti Cotton, Executive Consultant, Coach, and International Fortune 500 Speaker

“This book is an honest, gripping, and courageous memoir. If you want to break free from the guilt, regret, shame, and self-destructive thoughts that are holding you back, then read and reread this book!”

— Patrick Snow, Professional Keynote Speaker and International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny and Boy Entrepreneur

“Life can be extremely hard at times, but in The Girl in Your Wallet, Teresa Nickell shows us that the journey is all worthwhile. She has been to hell and back, having survived damaging relationships and debilitating mistakes, and experienced incredible growth that has allowed her to heal her inner child and become a woman who inspires others in their own growth. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience and heal through the magic in these pages.”

— Tyler R. Tichelaar, PhD and Award-Winning Author of Narrow Lives and The Best Place

“The Girl in Your Wallet definitely lives up to its back cover description. I will not only recommend the book to my friends and colleagues, but to the many others challenged by addiction and incarceration.”

— Gheorghe Turcin, Reentry Specialist, Washington State Dept. of Corrections

“Nickell tells the story of her long road through addiction and abuse in this inspirational debut memoir…. It’s a remarkable story, overall—not just because of what Nickell went through, but also because of what she was able to achieve: She owns and operates a highly profitable bakery business. Nickell speaks of God often, but she also discusses the psychological work that she put in to improve and forgive herself, making this a useful book for both religious and secular readers. A stirring account of a hard life and hard work.”

— Kirkus Reviews, reviewing this book’s first edition

“You’ll find no self-pity within these pages! Teresa is transparent, humble, and strong. I learned many things to apply to my own life as I read her story. I can’t say enough about the value of this book and the solid honesty Teresa poured into it. Read it. You won’t be sorry.”

— Diana Kilpatrick, Author of Off the Record and When Mountains Don’t Move

“I have known Teresa for more than ten years now…but never knew the real Teresa I learned about in her book. In working with her as a consultant for her business, I know Teresa as a competent, successful business leader and owner. She was always very confident in her abilities and now I know where this confidence came from. She has overcome a lot to accomplish the success she’s had in her life. This book is perfect for anyone whose successful future is being derailed… and who wants to learn how to overcome them to live a happy, successful, and purposeful life.”

— Grant Robinson, Owner, People Values

“I knew Teresa for fourteen years as a successful business owner but never knew the depths from which she arose, the abuse she faced as a child, the resulting demons that haunted her, and the lifestyle that many would discard as a wasted life…This book may motivate you or someone else to seek help that could save a life.”

— Gregory Haffner, Principal Attorney, Curran Law Firm