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The Sacrifice of Spaghetti

My friend Judy received a wedding invitation from one of her son’s childhood friends. Now in his
thirties, he wanted Judy to attend the ceremony. “I was surprised to have been invited. So many years had passed.” She choked up a bit as she recounted her experience to me on the phone. “I didn’t think they would remember me or that I would know anyone there, but since I love a good wedding, I RSVP’d yes.”
At first, she didn’t recognize anyone but the groom, but at the reception, young men approached her as if she were a celebrity. She experienced bright smiles as they reminded her of their names and introduced their spouses. “This is Judy! She is awesome! It’s so good to see you!”
More than a little baffled, Judy reflected on those years with her son’s friends. They often arrived just before dinner was ready, and she begrudgingly opened another can of tomato sauce and added some spaghetti noodles to stretch the meal. It wasn’t uncommon for her to wake up and find a slew of teenage boys in sleeping bags canvassing the living room floor. “Sometimes I was a little grumpy. I just wanted coffee. I had to step over and around them to get to the pot.”
Sensing her confusion at their excitement to see her, one young man offered clarity. “You don’t get it, do you? Judy, you were the safest place we had to go. We knew we would get a hot meal and some sleep. That wasn’t the case at our homes. We knew we could count on you.”
Judy tearfully paused to consider the difference between her memories and theirs. She could see that even if her attitude isn’t fully engaged in the moment, kindness always wins in the end. If we are willing to take care of the seemingly mundane right in front of us, we can trust God to care for the rest.
Is there a sacrifice of time, money, or tomato sauce in front of us today? Perhaps. Although we may
never get the reward of praise Judy did, we can be sure our acts of service have not eluded the Father’s notice.