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Chapter 13: ‘It Looked Good on Paper’

I had just closed the biggest deal of my career. It almost put me out of business. Read chapter 13 of “The Girl in …Read More

Why are You Here?

After we lay out the structure for our reentry class at the prison, we introduce ourselves. We include our names, of course, but also …Read More

The Girl in My Wallet, Chapter 23: From Inmate to Citizen

“The world is not fair. If you persist in presuming it is, you will create a lot of unnecessary misery for yourself.” — Fred …Read More

From Bakery to Behind Bars

What do you do when you retire on top of a successful bakery career? You go back to jail. I started at the Coeur …Read More

Washington Corrections Center for Women front entrance

What I Cannot See

A while back had the privilege to speak to a group of women at the Washington Corrections Center for Women (Purdy) preparing to release. …Read More